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Modern technology presents us with many challenges to our health and our attentions. Fortunately, it also presents us with an array of new possibilities. We can now learn from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of our own homes.

THRIVE SPACE yoga classes are intended to bring, as much as possible, the atmosphere and energy of practicing together with the teacher and other students.

These are much more than exercise classes. As much as is possible in such a limited time frame, we aim to give the experience of working through a complete hatha yoga practice including, kriya, asana, pranayama and meditation.






There are many aspects of this practice that must be introduced and understood first,
before you can launch into a Complete Practice Class.

The Orientation Class is a workshop in which you will learn all the essential (sometimes hidden) components of the hatha / vinyasa style class.

You will learn:

ujjayi breathing, a special breathing technique used in asana & pranayama.
mula & uddiyana bandhas, special muscular contraction techniques used during asana & pranayama
3 Stage Breathing, diaphragm and chest isolation
drshti, focal points for the eye gaze
vinyasa krama,  system of postures and movements between postures
Introduction to The Water Sequence, the set sequence of postures we practice in class.
Digital & Metronomic Counting, used during pranayama

After you have watched the Orientation Class you may register for the regular Complete Practice Classes.






The Complete Practice Class consists of 3 parts:

1. The Water Sequence: 33 postures linked by breath and movement in vinyasa krama style, about 1 hr to complete.

2. Pranayama Sequence including kapalabhati kriya, nadi shuddhi, bhramari pranayama & sitkari/sitali, 15 minutes.

3. Short Meditation & savasana with yoga nidra.

Some may ask why the asana sequence is the same every time? The purpose of having a set sequence of postures is to gradually work towards mastery in this routine, and commit it to memory like a moving meditation, before moving on to the next one. This may take you weeks, or years. Once memorised you will be able to take this practice anywhere in the world, and practice independently of a teacher. If you prefer something creative and different in every class, this class will likely not appeal to you.

Note: the pranayama and meditation components are only intended to give a very superficial experience; that’s why I call it a ‘taste’ of a complete practice. To truly learn pranayama and yogic meditation you will need a course of education and guided practice over a number of hours, even weeks. This can be achieved either by attending the pranayama course or through one-to-one sessions.


The first class is always FREE.

After attending one PAID class with Thrive Space Yoga, you will gain access to the Thrive Space Yoga Student Group on Facebook, where you will be able to access tutorial videos and full classes.



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