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CLASSES on the Island


You are welcome to join us on Xiao LiuQiu island for a yoga class. Maybe come along during your weekend visit?

DONNY teaches an informal introduction to traditional Hatha yoga on Sunday mornings.

ICHI teaches on Monday evenings.




DONNY’s CLASS (80 minutes)

Donny will introduce you informally to the key aspects of traditional hatha yoga: bandha, drshti, asana and vinyasa, the flowing connection of movement and postures.

Each class is completed with a pranayama (yogic breath work) session and meditation.

This class should leave you energised for the rest of your day and inspired to find out more about the deeper dimensions of yoga, beyond the physical component.




550 TWD




Sunday Mornings, 7am

ICHI’s CLASS (75 minutes)

Slow-paced traditional hatha yoga to consciously experience the present.




550 TWD




Monday Evenings, 7pm